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The Summer Job Program was designed by CESAR to offer a practical experience to students, identify talented individuals and provide a rapid prototyping environment for sponsoring companies.

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How it Works?

Multidisciplinary Teams

Each team is formed by 4 students from different courses, such as: engineering and computer science, design, business administration, electrical and electronic engineering, advertising and marketing, among others.

Problem Based Learning

The problem is proposed by the sponsor who has an opportunity to get innovative solutions for real and current problems of their company.

6 Week


During 6 weeks, students are challenged to work remotely together, understand the problem, set a solution, prototype and validate their choice.

The teams will be free to define the best solution to their assigned challenges

Tutoring, methodologies and expertise of CESAR professionals



Immersion in a design and development of innovation projects.

Internship Allowance to help with the living expenses

Focus on real problems of on market companies: each team will be assigned with a challenge (problem or opportunity)

Certificate of participation of the program with CESAR's and sponsor's logo

Innovative solutions proposals to real and current problems of sponsoring companies



Technical validation (proof of concept) of the proposed solutions

The prototypes generated can later be implemented and become innovative products of the sponsors


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