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“Last year I went through a selection process that had 1025 candidates and only 60 vacancies for students in CESAR Summer Job. Once selected, the program enabled me to live one of the most incredible and challenging experiences of my life." [...]

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“The program exceeded our expectations. We were able to take our ideas off the paper in just six weeks. The technical knowledge of students and mentors, the organization and methodology used, all together with a hard working team were a successful recipe to this program."

—  Rafael Nóbrega, Head de Inovação da Inmetrics


“During CESAR Summer Job, I had the opportunity to put into practice many theoretical knowledge, develop solutions to real companies and acquire a great knowledge through high quality training and mentoring. I'm absolutely sure that this experience impacted in a positive way my professional life."

—  Bianca Santa Cruz, UFPE (Recife/PE) 2017.1

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