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Students will have lessons and receive coaching sessions throughout the program, in order to level their knowledge and to learn how to apply theory in real projects. Besides that, aiming the knowledge sharing, CESAR presents some important methodologies such as:

  • Design Thinking for understanding and validating problems, ideation and prototyping;

  • Project Management Agile Methodologies;

  • Business Model and Lean Model;

  • Idea validation;

  • Elevator Pitch.


During the six weeks of the program the students will be challenged to: 

  • Understand, deepen and validate the problem and / or opportunity (research and field studies);

  • Define a solution to the problem that takes in consideration the deadline, the user/consumer, the development complexity and its feasibility;

  • Prototype and validate the chosen solution.


The students will present the project and the prototype in which they have worked on. The tutors, mentors and representatives of the sponsoring company will be present at the occasion.


The final Pitch of each team will be released at the end of the program, when the students will receive their participation Certificates in the CESAR Summer Job Program.



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