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The city is located in the northeastern part of Brazil, in the state of Pernambuco. The expanded city area – Greater Recife – holds a population of approximately 4 million people.

Greater Recife has become an attractive destination for many organizations that seek  a welcoming region to establish their businesses, and the region also hosts over 130 undergraduate teaching organizations. Among them, many major universities.

The growth and economic development of the region is largely supported by its ICT ecosystem, structured over the last decades, with the continuous work of some relevant actors, like CESAR and Porto Digital.

Thanks to this environment, yarious research, development and innovation projects have been developed in Recife, linked with Universities, Research Institutes and companies not only from Brazil, but also from around the world.


Porto Digital was Created in the year 2000, aiming to become a tool for economic and social development in Recife, today it has became one of the Brazilian’s most important ICT cluster.


The cluster is composed,   mostly, for small and medium businesses, but multinationals like IBM, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft are also present in Porto Digital. Today in the cluster we find more than 230 ICT-based companies.


This environment provides to companies that intend to ship in the cluster, a complete pool of services that covers the entire cycle of creation of innovation. Porto Digital also hosts organizations from professional education area, to development of ICT solutions.


CESAR is an anchor company of Porto Digital. Learn more about the Institute of Innovation, here.


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